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Wes Welker: so far, so good

The aura that surrounds Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots can really cloud things from time to time. When the team decided to pass on free agent wide receiver Wes Welker (to Brady’s chagrin) in favor of a “younger, better version” of Welker in Danny Amendola, they were largely given the benefit of the doubt.

Belichick has done it again. Does he know something we don’t know about Welker? The Patriots are at it again!

Maybe not…

Welker leads the NFL with eight receiving touchdowns. He is sixth in the entire NFL with 37 receptions (on 50 targets). He is the most productive WR in all of football according to DYAR (defense-adjusted yards above replacement, per Football Outsiders) with a mark of 190. And while he might not be catching 14 balls a game like he did with the Patriots, the high-impact of his catches is reflected in his 35.9% DVOA (defense-adjusted value above average, also from Football Outsiders).

With the emergence of Julius Thomas, the ridiculously good play of Knowshon Moreno, and the presence of Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker on the outside, the Broncos do not need to put too big a load on Welker. The even distribution of targets among all of Peyton Manning‘s targets indicates as much:

Welker – 50
Decker – 50
D. Thomas – 50
Julius Thomas – 43

And that is a good thing, because if they kept track of ugly/violent hits taken by diminutive NFL players, Welker would be the NFL leader.

The production is there as Manning continues to put Welker in the right spots to help this offense. So yes, I would say things are working out pretty well for Welker and the Broncos so far.

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  • Cheyenne Kid

    This offense of the Broncos will
    keep on shattering records as the season progresses. I have totally enjoyed watching them. Now we have a relatively healthy defense and missing players back I look at them to play better starting this week in Indy. Along with great special teams play it shoud continue to be a supremely enjoyable season to keep watching unfold!

    • Hayden Kane

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you’re right that the defense will play a bit more steady this week, because if they do, it’s hard to find a glaring weakness on this team…

      • Cheyenne Kid

        They have more overall talent on defense than last year and that was a top 5 defense. With more pressure with Von, it should help the rest of the d-line to maintain pressure and it will reduce the time substanily the qb’s have to get rid of the ball. Indirectly it will also increase the possibility of turnovers with strips and hurried picks. So with that going with our great run defense they should definitely start playing better starting Sunday. Von will be as motivated as Peyton so it should be a great game! Go Broncos and lay a big Orange Crush on the Colts!