2014 NBA Draft Lottery: Denver Nuggets Looking To Strike Gold

Ever since the Denver Nuggets drafted Carmelo Anthony back in 2003 with the third overall pick, Denver hasn’t been involved in the lottery. However, in the 2013-14′ campaign, Denver fell victim to injuries as they saw their postseason streak snapped with a record of 36-46. For the first time since 03′, Denver will take part in the NBA Draft Lottery which will take place in New York tonight, beginning at 8:00 PM ET, 6:00 PM MT.

Denver currently holds the 11th overall pick in the draft with the New York Knicks pick which is right behind in the 12th spot. Denver will not be able to hold on to both picks circa the Andre Iguodala trade back in 2012. Denver is slated to give up the least favorable pick to the Orlando Magic in the deal. Denver’s odds to land a top pick have increased with the Knicks pick as noted below.

Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000)
Pick 1
Pick 2
Pick 3
Denver Nuggets36-4680.80%0.95%1.15%
New York Knicks37-4570.70%0.83%1.01%

Denver has never selected first or second overall in the NBA Draft but have selected third overall three times. Here are the notable third overall picks by the Denver Nuggets.

1990: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf – Louisiana State.
1998: Raef LaFrentz – Kansas
2003: Carmelo Anthony – Syracuse

Here’s a look at the Nuggets lottery history.

Pre-Lotto Position
Player Selected
19911st4th-3Dikembe Mutombo
19924th5th-1LaPhonso Ellis
19938th9th-1Rodney Rogers
199610th10th0Erick Dampier
19974th5th-1Tony Battie
19981st3rd-2Raef LaFrentz
19994th5th-1Jonathan Bender
200010th10th0Keyon Dooling
200111th11th0Kedrick Brown
20024th5th-1Nikoloz Tskitishvili
20032nd3rd-1Carmelo Anthony

As you can tell from the table, Denver hasn’t really had any success in the lottery in their 11 years participating. They have never moved up but have moved down in the order eight of the eleven times. Tonight, Denver looks to move up for the first time in team history.

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