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If You are a Colorado Rockies Fan, Then Start Rooting for Losses

If you are a diehard Colorado Rockies fan, then this is going to be a tough article for you to stomach. I’m a Rockies fan and it’s not easy to write, but there’s only one way that things are going to change and it’s going to hurt.

The Rockies have to be so bad that Dick and Charlie Monfort have no choice but to make changes. By bad, I mean they have to be historically bad. Going 72-90 this season is bad but the Monforts will only make excuses about the injuries and whatever else they think will fly.

If things are going to change, then the fans of the Rockies should be rooting for the losses to pile up. They should be rooting for embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss. For any true fan, what I’m suggesting is blasphemy. Fans stick with their teams through everything and rooting against them just isn’t done.

However desperate times call for desperate measures and at this point, the only thing that is going to force the Monforts to do something is an utter disaster. Now how do we define disaster?

That’s a good question but it has to start with a 100+ loss season because as bad as the Rockies have been through the years, they’ve never lost 100 games in a season. It’s one thing to lose 90 or 95 games, but there’s something about a triple digit number under the loss column. For most owners, 100 losses would mean changes in every area of the organization.

That number probably wouldn’t faze the Monforts much but that is where this disaster has to begin. Not only do the Rockies need to lose 100 games to possibly force changes, they need to continue to lose big. They need to continue to give up three runs on one passed ball, the bullpen needs to continue to blow lead after lead and they must be fixtures on the bloopers reel.

In short, the Rockies have to be so bad that the Monforts can’t just sweep another season under the rug and hope for a better 2015. There can’t be a winning streak in September because that will give the Monforts an out; they can say that’s the way we play when we’re healthy. Based on our finish, we’re comfortable going into next season looking to build on this momentum.

The season must end with a thud; a nice little ten game losing streak to close out the season will do nicely. Even if all of these things happen, it won’t matter if the fans keep showing up. As long as the Monforts are lining their pockets, then 130 loss season isn’t going to matter. Because of that, the next step is on the fans.

We have to stop going to games and that’s going to be hard. Coors Field is a great place to be on a summer night in Colorado. The weather at night is usually gorgeous, the views are spectacular and it’s reasonably priced entertainment for a family of four. However if fans are still streaming into the ballpark every night, then the Monforts have no reason to do anything different.

Almost every other owner looks at the scoreboard, the standings or playoff appearances to measure the success of their franchise. The Monforts look at their bank statement and as long as that continues to look good, then they don’t care what the scoreboard says. Don’t get me wrong, every owner wants to make money but the great ones find a way to do both.

What the Monforts fail to grasp is that they would make far more money than they are now if the Rockies were a contender. Denver is a great sports town and if they were in the pennant race year after year, there would be 45,000 at Coors Field every night. If they would spend money up front; both in the front office and on the field, they would see huge profits on the other side. They’re not going to do that, however, so all we can hope for now is a natural disaster.

If you are a Rockies fan, then here’s what you should do for the remainder of this season. Root for losses, embarrassing plays, losing streaks and all around bad baseball. Every fiber in your being is going to tell you that what you are doing is wrong, but it’s the only way anything is ever going to change.

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