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My Colorado Rockies Fan Letter of Resignation to Dick Monfort

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To Whom it May Concern:

Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort has done something that I didn’t think was possible, he has finally driven me the renounce my fandom. I’m done, I’ll cover the team for Mile High Maniac but as long as Monfort owns the team; I will never root for them.

I am an extremely loyal fan and I’ve been through the ringer with all of the home teams. I’ve suffered through five Super Bowl losses as well as the Josh McDaniels era with the Broncos, and my love for them has never been stronger.

I’ve suffered with the Denver Nuggets through the 1990’s when winning 20 games was considered a great year, I endured first-round exit after first-round exit during the George Karl era and I’m still here. I’ve been critical of the Nuggets and will continue to be, but when the ball is tipped; I’m rooting as hard as anyone.

It was 1995 when the Colorado Avalanche moved to Denver, and I’ve been a fan ever since. There were so many great seasons when they first came to Denver including two Stanley Cups, but there was also the Joe Sacco era and I stayed with the Avalanche through that train wreck.

I stay with my teams through thick and thin, I went on Facebook the day after the Broncos lost 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl and proclaimed my pride in being a fan. I don’t jump off of bandwagons, ever.

That has changed today; I’m no longer a Rockies fan and won’t be until there’s new ownership. As proven above, I can take almost anything as a fan but I will not sit back and be insulted by Monfort.

Monfort recently sent an email to an angry fan who was complaining about the product. In that email, Monfort told the fan “If you don’t like the product or the experience, then don’t come.” Monfort has apologized to the fan but I firmly believe that his original response represent his true feelings.

Then on Thursday, CBS4 in Denver uncovered another email to a fan where Monfort threatens to move the team. He said, “Maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a team, maybe it’s time for us to find a new home.” Monfort now claims he doesn’t really remember writing that and those aren’t his true feelings. One time is an accident, twice is a trend.

The Denver Post said on Friday they are in the process of obtaining more similar emails for a story they are working on. Monfort does not care one bit about the fans or the city of Denver, and now I don’t care about him or his baseball team.

Monfort should be on his hands and knees everyday thanking Rockies’ fans for their loyalty. They continue to go to games despite a product that resembles a double A team. In all honesty, Rockies’ fans have been too loyal and have endured too much without really raising a stink.

So what do they get in return for that loyalty? They get an owner who insults them, threatens to move the team and tells them to stay away from the ballpark. The people of Colorado are some of the most loyal fans in sports, and they don’t deserve the way they are being treated.

I would never tell any of you not to go to the games; Coors Field is a beautiful ballpark, the nights in Colorado are perfect and it’s reasonable entertainment for a family of four. However I won’t go, I won’t buy their merchandise and I certainly won’t root for them. As I said, I will watch only because part of my job is to offer my opinions but that will be the extent of my interest in the Rockies.

Congratulations Dick Monfort, you did something I didn’t think was possible. You’ve driven me out of the Rockies fan base and if you keep doing business the way you have been, then others may follow.

To all of you who are staying on the bandwagon, more power to you but I’m out! I’ll be back the day after Dick Monfort is gone, but not a second before.


Joe Morrone.

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