Dodgers acquire Ramon Hernandez


This has been said a lot sine I started writing for Mile High Maniac, and the Rockies finally did it.

I continuously mentioned that the Rockies should contact the Dodgers regarding catcher Ramon Hernandez, and possibly look for a starting pitcher in return. Chris Capuano, Ted Lilly, and Aaron Harang are the three pitchers that were potential targets, but I’d be surprised if the Rockies pulled off the deal for any of them.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reported that the Rockies traded him regarding salary relief, which makes me think that a pitcher won’t come back in return.

This isn’t a big loss. Wilin Rosario has looked very good in his first few games with the Rox this season, and he’ll hold down the fort just fine without Hernandez.

I’ll chime back in here when word gets out if, or who, the Rockies are getting back from LA in return.