Patrick Roy Puts The NHL On Notice


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a question for you to consider as the Colorado Avalanche prepare for tonight’s game against the 3-0 Toronto Maple Leafs.

When is the last time the Av’s were on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption (PTI)? I’m talking as a headline that Mr. Tony and Mike Wilbon discuss on the clock. It has to have been a really long time, especially considering the current state of the NHL in relation to the NFL, college football, and the NBA.

Well that’s exactly what happened last week when new head coach Patrick Roy capped off the team’s season opening victory over the Anaheim Ducks this way.

There was some talk that Roy would be suspended for the outburst, which perhaps would have tempered the praise for his “fire” on the bench just a little bit, but instead he was just fined.

As with anything in the world of sports, it’s only cool if the team is winning. There is still a lot of season for this young team to prove if Roy’s antics are worthwhile or if they are ringing hollow for a team that isn’t ready to compete. But let’s be honest about one thing; the Avalanche are pretty much starting from scratch. Joe Sacco‘s tenure ended up being a disappointment, and this team had all but lost its hometown fans by the end (die-hard fans notwithstanding, and I know you’re out there).

The buzz from Roy has to be accompanied by effective coaching moves. Placing 18-year-old Nathan MacKinnon on the roster was a good start. In the long run, Roy will need to make more moves like that one to go along with any antics, tantrums, and fines if he wants to be successful. That’s long term. For now, he has put the NHL on notice not to mess with the Colorado Avalanche.