Colorado Rockies intimidating opposing pitchers


Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The scouting report on the Colorado Rockies lineup is pretty simple right now.

Every pitcher has a piece of paper that says: “No easy outs.”

The lineup from top to bottom, especially during the series in Texas where a DH is needed, is full of guys hitting the ball all over the yard. Pitchers can’t pitch around Troy Tulowitzki because Carlos Gonzalez is sitting right behind him. If you pitch around Gonzalez, Nolan Arenado is sitting right behind him with a 27-game hitting streak. Then Justin Morneau is after Arenado and the first baseman is hitting the ball as well.

It can just go on and on from there. Nobody is a certain out. Even when playing in a National League ballpark the Rockies have pitchers like Jordan Lyles and Jhoulys Chacin who can handle the bat.

The Rockies have a quick strike offense. Much like the 2013 Denver Broncos, the Rockies can put up runs in bunches. It really showed in Wednesday’s win over the Texas Rangers. The Rockies had 13 hits after four innings and cruised to a 9-2 win.

Altitude won’t be a good excuse for the game in Arlington, Texas. No matter where the Rockies are, they are mashing the ball.

The fourth inning was a disaster for Texas starter Colby Lewis. He was already down 2-0 after Colorado plated two in the first behind three straight hits by Tulowitzki, Gonzalez and Arenado. But the fourth inning ended Lewis’ night with one stretch of hitting that was a site to see.

The last nine batters Lewis faced included six straight hits, two sacrifice flies and a home run by Gonzalez. That made it 7-0 and Lewis’ night was done. The Rockies had left him shaking his head.

"“I think Colorado just needs to leave town,” Lewis said."

The Rockies are hitting .310 as a team which is best in the majors but a large margin. The Tigers are next best at .285. Colorado has also scored 215 runs which is tops in the league and also a run differential of +55. And yes that is the best in the majors.

The Rockies will slow down at the plate at some time but there is a lot of talent in the lineup. It should cause havoc on most pitching staffs and if they continue to hit on the road they should be in the thick of things all season.

But for now opposing pitchers see a matchup with the Colorado Rockies and just wonder how they are going to get through the fifth inning.

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