Some Father’s Day Advice for Colorado Teams and Athletes


Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Father’s Day and I hope all of the Dad’s out there get to play that round of golf, watch a baseball game, take in the NBA Finals or get caught up in the World Cup on your special day.

As I sat and thought about what to write about on this Sunday, I decided it would be fun to offer some of the local Colorado teams and athletes some Fatherly advice.

Peyton Manning: Keep playing and don’t pay any attention to those who keep bringing up retirement. You are playing the best football of your career and are surrounded by a championship caliber team.

John Fox: Don’t be afraid in the big games in 2014. Bold moves often win while safe moves often lose. You have a team capable of winning it all; don’t be afraid.

Brian Shaw: Quit blaming George Karl for the problems you are having with the Denver Nuggets. Remember Karl won 57 games the year before you took over. Keep your mouth shut and coach.

Dick Monfort: Quit talking! First you say that you would be satisfied if the Colorado Rockies made the playoffs once every five seasons and then you compared the free agent signing of pitcher Brett Anderson to the Broncos signing of Manning. Please just stop talking.

Joe Sakic: Find away to land a premiere defenseman, your team is right on the verge of a Stanley Cup and the right moves in the offseason could lead to a parade in about a year.

Walt Weiss: Start wrapping your players in bubble wrap, maybe that will keep them healthy.

Von Miller: Listen to DeMarcus Ware and model your life off the field after him. Oh and just say no.

Troy Tulowitzki: You’ve done everything you can for the Colorado Rockies; don’t be afraid to ask for a trade to a contender. There would be a lot of backlash from fans but you deserve to play for a winner, and that’s not happening in Colorado.

Brock Osweiler: Be patient kid, it doesn’t look like that Manning guy is going anywhere for awhile.

Carlos Gonzalez: Quit swinging at the pitch that is low and away in the dirt. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO HIT THAT!

Danilo Gallinari: Listen to the Nuggets’ Doctors and quit trying to find short cuts; it cost you a season.

Demaryius Thomas: Get a fair deal but stay with the Broncos because the grass is not greener on the other side as Eric Decker is about to find out.

Paul Stastny: Re-sign with the Avalanche. It might be for a little less money but you have a chance to be part of something very special.

Mike McIntyre: Find a quarterback; the Colorado Football Program has suffered long enough without a competent signal caller.

Jim McElwain: Follow in Sonny Lubbick’s footsteps and stay at Colorado State. You won’t win a National Championship but you will never have to buy a meal, and the city of Fort Collins will embrace you.

Denver Broncos: Take advantage of this opportunity. John Elway has built a team that is capable of winning a championship; find a way to get it done.

Colorado Avalanche: Stay hungry! The step from being a bad team to the playoffs is the easy one. The next steps are much more difficult. Stay motivated and you will get there.

Colorado Rockies: Stop insulting your fans with the nonsense that you are a small market team. If you put a winning team on the field, you would draw 45,000 every night and make more money than you are now.

Denver Nuggets: As hard as it will be, tank it for a season or two. It’s the only way you are going to get the star players you need to contend.

Happy Father’s Day to all!