Success Calls For Changes in Rockies Game


The Rockies currently sit at 40-56, 13 games out of first place, have a top 5 offense in baseball and are dead last in team ERA. Needless to say, some changes are necessary.

First and foremost, the problem every Rockies fan talks about: the pitching. With the exception of a few relievers, the 2014 Rockies pitching staff has been one of the worst in franchise history. Jorge De La Rosa leads the team starters in ERA at a whopping 4.39. A 4.39!

The only glimpses of hope in a dreadful first half of pitching are veteran reliever and closer LaTroy Hawkins and relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle. Hawkins is sporting a 2.45 ERA, a 1.09 WHIP and 17 saves. Kahnle is having a solid rookie year. His ERA currently sits at 2.68, he is 2-1 on the season with 40 strike outs and five holds.

Kahnle was recently ranked third on CBS sports writer Jon Heyman’s NL Rookie of the Year rankings, below only Billy Hamilton of the Reds and Chris Owings of the Diamondbacks.

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Though pitching is a major problem, there are other aspects of the Colorado Rockies’ game that could use some fixing. Other areas would be, for example, moving runners over and more discipline on the base paths.

Moving runners over seemed to be a lingering problem for the Rockies the entire first half. It seemed like almost every inning they were able to the lead-off man on, then go down 1-2-3 to end the inning. The Rockies need to have more consistency in getting runners into scoring position if they want to be able to excel in the second half.

According to, the Rockies had 73 stolen base opportunities in the first half. 40 opportunities behind the top ranked team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. If the Rockies want to have success in the second half of the season they have to be more aggressive on the base paths.

Success in the second half of the season is also going to call for the Rockies to be “sellers” when the trade deadline rolls around. Carlos Gonzalez is the biggest trading chip the Rockies currently have.

Corey Dickerson has more than proved that he can be the everyday starter in left field. His power and hitting have vastly improved this season and his defense is every bit as good as CarGo’s.

Trading Gonzalez can be the difference between success and failure; not only for this season but for years to come.

The Rockies are in desperate need for pitching. Dealing Gonzalez to the right team can bring in a few quality pitchers with at least a couple years left on their contracts. It would be a smart move on the Rockies part.

Looking into the future, there could also be a huge change coming this offseason. If the Monfort brothers finally decide to listen to their fans, we could be seeing Dan O’Dowd on his way out of Colorado. Fans have been calling for his firing since the disastrous 2012 season.

Changes are needed if the Rockies want to see success in the second half of this season. If their game changes and some key trades are made, we could very well see the Rockies atop the NL West come September.