What Does The Future Hold For Juwan Thompson?


Aug 23, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos running back Juwan Thompson (40) runs the ball in the fourth quarter against the Houston Texans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Texans defeated the Broncos 18-17. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

If you had to pick a preseason MVP for the Denver Broncos, it would be Juwan Thompson.   He has been great for Denver, showcasing his size, speed, ability, intensity, and any other words you can make up.  Now although he’s only faced third team players that won’t make it into the regular season, it’s about how he’s looked.  You expect first team quality players to dominate third team players, and that’s what he’s done.  Dominate.

It’s easy to get mixed up between overreacting and legit praise, but Thompson has earned all the praise he has gotten.  He barrels over defenders, he’s an Army Tank with a Ferrari engine.  A modern day Terrell Davis if you will.  What’s the most shocking fact about Juwan is how seemingly out of nowhere he has been.  He was an undrafted free agent from Duke University he only notched 896 yards in three seasons as Duke’s running back.  Adding to his tank like reputation, he holds the Duke Running back record for top power clean lift at 357 pounds.

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In three preseason games, Juwan has proven time and time again why he should make the final roster, if not be the back up to

Montee Ball

, ahead of

Ronnie Hillman

.  Juwan has everything you need and would want in a star running back, a great current comparison would be

Marshawn Lynch

of the Seahawks (Minus the Skittles).  If you built a powerhouse Running back from the ground up, he would look just like Juwan Thompson.

Time will tell of course if Thompson lives up to his huge potential, but there is every reason to believe that he will be a great running back for the Broncos.  The sky is the limit and his future as a Bronco is a mile high (Pun fully intended).  The Broncos take on the Cowboys today and look for Juwan to feature very heavily in this game in Jerry World.