Ty Lawson, Brian Shaw visit Denver Broncos practice Wednesday; come away impressed


Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson, left, and coach Brian Shaw meet with Broncos quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp on Wednesday at Dove Valley. (John Leyba, The Denver Post)

Brian Shaw wants to develop point guard Ty Lawson into a leader prior to the 2014-15′ season, and Wednesday afternoon, he thinks Ty took a step in the right direction. Shaw, alongside Lawson, visited a Denver Broncos practice Wednesday afternoon and both came away impressed.

Lawson, 26, is coming off of a career-year in points and assists with 17.6 and 8.8 respectively. Although the 1st round pick in the 2009 draft put up All-Star numbers a year ago, one thing he has lacked throughout his career is leadership. So, second-year head coach Brian Shaw took Lawson out to watch Peyton Manning and company run their offense and whatnot, and here’s what Lawson had to say about the experience watching Peyton Manning run his offense.

"“I thought it went great,” Lawson said. “Just watching them, everybody’s on the same page. He’s one of the hardest workers in football. So when he has everybody on the same page, it’s pretty impressive."

Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post did an excellent job in article, then asking Ty what impressed him the most about the practice.

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"Knowing where everybody is supposed to be, and also just working hard,” Lawson said. “If I’m working hard nobody else has an excuse not to work hard, too. If I’m here early getting shots up and lifting and doing the right things then everybody has to fall in line and do the same thing. You respect the hard work they go through. I didn’t know it was that hard. We have, what, 15-20 plays. They have 100, and then they have a variation of this and that. So they have to learn 200, 300 plays and then the next week they have to learn for the next team. It’s tough thing that they have to do. I have lot of respect for them.”"

Like every other sport, communication is key in basketball. Whether it’s getting your teammates in the right positions to make plays or as simple as calling out screens, here’s to hoping this experience benefited both Brian Shaw and Ty Lawson.

The Denver Nuggets are two years removed from winning 57 games. Although last season didn’t go as planned due to the injury bug, this team is no different depth and talent wise. If Lawson can light the fire under these guys and himself, to play hard night in and night out, watch out for the 2014-15′ Denver Nuggets.