Denver Broncos: Thanks for the Memories, Champ Bailey


The Denver Broncos once again showed why they are a first class organization when they signed Champ Bailey to a one day contract so that he could officially retire as a Bronco.

The room was filled with multiple current and former Broncos, who came in on their off day, members of the press and people from all over the organization to send Bailey off the right way. Bailey was showered with compliments from Broncos President, Chairman and CEO Joe Ellis, General Manager and Executive Vice President John Elway, and Head Coach John Fox. They praised Bailey for being a leader on and off the field.

“Champ Bailey was one of Mr. Bowlen’s favorite Broncos,” Ellis said during the press conference that was streamed live on, “10 years, 8 Pro Bowls and a lot of wins later I wanna just thank Champ for all he’s done.

Bailey took the podium and said goodbye the only way he knew how, with class, style and a joke here and there.

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Bailey opened his speech with, “All I wanted to do when I started playing this game was to be the best on the field,” and I think I speak for every fan of the game when I say that Bailey was one of the best, if not the best corner to every lace it up and anyone who thinks differently should check his stats from 2004-2007 seasons which was probably his best stretch as a pro.

During that four-year stretch Bailey picked off 24 passes. Although he had the ability to lock the opposing teams best receiver up, we wasn’t afraid to come up and make a tackle either which is what made Bailey such a great player.

Although Bailey’s demise was a quick one, he seemed content with the way things happened.

“Football has done too much good for me to worry about the bad,” Bailey said. He went on to say, “I don’t have any regrets about anything that’s happened. Everything happens for a reason.”

While Bailey may not have any regrets, It sure would’ve been nice for him to win the big one. Not even that will keep Bailey out of the Hall of Fame. It would be an absolute mistake if Bailey enters the Hall of Fame any later than his first year of eligibility.

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It was tough for me to watch Bailey say goodbye, but I am happy he did so as a Bronco. I grew up watching Champ Bailey play football and I will be lucky to see another guy come close to the legacy that he left behind. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish Champ nothing but the best in whatever he decides to do next.

Thanks for the memories Champ. Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.