Denver Broncos Battle Through Adversity


The Denver Broncos 39-36 win over the Miami Dolphins was an important one.

Not only did it allow the Broncos to regain complete control over the AFC West but they sent a message to the rest of the league in the process. The Broncos proved that they aren’t just going to roll over and die when things don’t go their way.

The month of November hasn’t been a friendly one for the Denver Broncos. The offensive line was under heavy fire, key players went down with injuries and the Broncos dropped two games.

After losing to the St. Louis Rams in a really ugly way, there were quite a few people that counted the Broncos out. The line looked bad and as a result the running game looked even worse. The offense wasn’t balanced at all. Anytime you run the ball 9 times is never a good day for Peyton Manning. It was a recipe for disaster, and if the Broncos didn’t pull it out on Sunday against the Dolphins they could have very well watched their season slip right through the cracks.

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Thankfully that didn’t happen.

The Broncos came out swinging. They ran the ball eight times on the opening drive and they ran it well. The offensive line seemed to take all the criticism they had received all week to heart because they played out of their mind. Not only did they clear the way for C.J. Anderson‘s 167 yard day, they gave Peyton Manning all day in the pocket. All in all they played great, and it will be important down the road for them to keep it up.

As mentioned above, C.J. Anderson has taken the starting running back job by the throat. He’s not the biggest guy, he’s not the fastest guy but he gives an A+ effort every play and it seems to be paying off for him. He has the ability to make something out of nothing. If the Broncos need 10 yards he will find a way to get them 11. He has great vision and he is a smart player. With the way he’s playing, we might look back in February and realize that he was the guy to break the Broncos out of their mid-season slump.

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The Broncos still need to prove that they can win a big game on the road this year and they have a great opportunity to do so this Sunday night in Kansas City. This game is another chance for the Broncos to make a statement. As long as the offensive line keeps playing good football, I think the sky is the limits for the Broncos.