Three Keys for the Denver Broncos Versus the Buffalo Bills


The Denver Broncos are playing their best football of the season as they get set to host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon. It’s true they are not scoring as much as they did early in the season but they are more balanced on offense, and their defense is starting to come together.

As everyone knows, things change quickly in the NFL so the Broncos need to keep grinding. As an example, two weeks ago they were being destroyed by everyone after losing to the St. Louis Rams and now those same people are praising the changes that the Broncos have made.

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The Bills are a good football team that features a great defense, so the Broncos will need to hit on these three keys to keep things rolling.

Stay balanced: The Broncos have looked like a different team over the past couple of weeks with their ability to run the ball. For the first time since Peyton Manning signed, the Broncos ran the ball more than they threw it versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now staying balanced doesn’t mean you always run more than you throw, it means you mix things up and take what the defense gives you. The game versus the Bills might feature more passing because if the Bills do have a weakness on defense, it is in the secondary.

The Bills have a great front seven and making a living versus them on the ground will be difficult. That front seven is also first in the league in sacks and it will be imperative for the Broncos offensive line to play well. The Broncos still need to run the ball and keep the Bills honest, but the big plays should come in the passing game if Manning has time to throw.

Defensive pressure: The Broncos played their best game of the season last week versus the Chiefs and it was because they were aggressive. They blitzed as much as they had all season and it paid off with six sacks, and three turnovers.

That same approach will work versus the Bills who are going to try and establish their running game. The Broncos need to take away the running game and force Kyle Orton to beat them. If they can do that, then the Broncos can send the house after Orton and the mistakes will come.

Broncos’ fans know more than anyone that Orton does not handle pressure well and tends to throw balls up for grabs in key situations. In short the Broncos found the two keys to their defense last week, aggressiveness and pressure. If they do those two things versus the Bills, then the Broncos will have no issues on Sunday.

Take care of business: The Bills are 7-5 and technically in the playoff hunt but this is a game the Broncos should win, and win easily. If the Broncos come out focused and ready to play, then they will move to 10-3.

The Bills defense will keep them in the game early and they will keep the overall score down, but their offense will not be able to score nearly enough to keep up with the Broncos.

Prediction: Broncos-27 Bills-13.