The Denver Broncos Took No One in the Supplemental Draft


The Supplemental Draft came and went with little to no fanfare, and the Denver Broncos didn’t make a single pick.

It’s no surprise. If you knew when the Supplemental Draft was, raise your hand and know that you’re very, very alone. Most teams pass on it, most fans don’t think twice about it, and most players in that draft don’t do anything in the NFL.

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It’s just been gaining popularity lately due to picks like Josh Gordon. He ended up in the draft largely because of character issues, but he tore up the league early for the Cleveland Browns. However, since then, more character issues have derailed his career almost entirely.

This draft was somewhat notable for the Broncos, though, because it contained Clemson’s Isaiah Battle. While he’s thought of as a project lineman, he’s a big, powerful player who actually measures out very well by NFL standards. With the Broncos’ needs on the offensive line due to the loss of Ryan Clady with a torn ACL, there was some thought that Denver may go after Battle.

On one hand, it’s probably better that they didn’t. Battle is most famous for throwing an uppercut on the field, during a game. That’s not exactly the type of thing that makes coaches drool. He could be another guy with a lot of skill, but with character issues that mean he washes right out of the NFL.

On the other hand, the St. Louis Rams did gamble on him, and it only cost them a 5th Round pick to do it. That’s pretty low if he turns into a starter, and not bad even if he’s just a depth guy.

That said, Denver would have had to take him in the 4th to get in ahead of St. Louis. For a guy who is largely a gamble, that may have been far too early for their liking.

The Broncos also drafted two lineman already this year, in Max Garcia and Ty Sambrailo. Ignoring Battle is a vote of confidence for the guys they already have on the roster, and especially for those two. The Broncos feel good about where they stand, even without Clady, and they’d rather spend time and effort developing the players they have, rather than worrying about what Battle might do.

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Examining the NFL lately, this isn’t exactly the time to take players who have a documented history of punching people in the face.

The Broncos have used the Supplemental Draft before, but it was all the way back in 1989. They were willing to part with a first-round pick to take Bobby Humphrey, out of the University of Alabama. Humphrey looked good early in his career, but then held out all the way to Week 14 of his third NFL season. He wanted a new contract, but Denver opted to just trade him and move on, unimpressed by the holdout. He struggled in Miami and only lasted one more year in the NFL.

With that fiasco in the past, the Broncos may be a bit more wary about the Supplemental Draft than other clubs.

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