Reggie Wayne Shouldn’t Take Cody Latimer’s Snaps


Reggie Wayne could become a Denver Bronco. Nothing official has been said, but Wayne is reportedly talking with teams and wants to get back onto an NFL roster. With his obvious tie to Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning, the team is being mentioned frequently.

The Broncos could use a depth wideout. Guys like Andre Caldwell haven’t really panned out, so Wayne could take his spot and be the fourth wideout in the mix. He’d be a consistent, reliable target, especially on third down when the Broncos have to move the chains.

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There’s just one thing Wayne can’t do, and that’s to take snaps away from Cody Latimer.

Latimer struggled last year, but that was mostly mental. He didn’t know the playbook well enough. He couldn’t adjust when Manning made changes. It kept him off the field—and the Broncos didn’t really need his help, with both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders playing so well.

Latimer, though, is a physical freak. He’s big, strong and fast. He’s even been compared to Thomas a lot, especially when Thomas hadn’t signed his contract yet and people were wondering if he’d be a natural replacement. Denver thought he could have gone in the first round and gladly took him in the second.

This year, Latimer should be far more ready to be a part of the offense. He made great plays in camp even last season, soaring over defenders and winning jump-ball battles. He clearly has the physical ability to be a star. A year in the NFL should have helped him develop everything else he needs.

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Now he just has to solidify it by getting on the field. He needs to be Denver’s third option. They’re not going to rely on him, but they have to start working him into the offense to see just what he can do. The upside is so high that it’d be a shame not to.

And that’s why Wayne can’t take his snaps. If Wayne plays the fourth spot, that’s fine. If he plays the third and Latimer just sits on the bench for another year, it’s going to start feeling like a waste of talent and a waste of that second-round pick.

Obviously, nothing has happened with Wayne yet. For all we know, he could sign with the Chiefs or the Patriots in the next few days, and then none of this matters. If he does come over to Denver for the 2015 season, though, it’s imperative that the Broncos use him in the right way, allowing him to provide depth and play-making ability, but also making sure the young players stay on track and keep developing.

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