Peyton Manning is Not Hated By Tom Brady


Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are still friends. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There’s been some fallout lately. Thanks to the ongoing DeflateGate case, some of Brady’s emails got out to the public. In one of them Brady says that he still will play for seven or eight years, while saying that Manning just has two years remaining. He then says “game on.”

It’s slightly unclear what “game on” means in this context, but it does seem clear that Brady is putting himself above Peyton. He’s saying he’s better than Manning, and that part of the reason is that Peyton is just about done, while he still has some time left.

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This does not mean the two are at odds. It just means Brady understands the NFL.

After all, Manning is in fact in the final two years of his contract. Unless he gets a new one, he will be done then. The way he looked at the end of the 2014 season, a lot of Denver Broncos fans are speculating that one to two years is all he has left in the tank.

It’s not like everyone thinks Manning can go on playing for five years, but Brady is just sitting there and ripping on him. Brady just thinks what a lot of people think, and he knows Peyton’s contract situation. That’s fine.

If anything, this should drive Manning to prove him wrong. Peyton Manning has always been, above all other things, a competitor. He wants to win and he wants to be the best.

That’s why losing in the Super Bowl was so hard on him.

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Could this push him to try to stay in the league for four more years, instead of two? Maybe. Maybe it gives him that extra drive he needs when practice starts feeling very hard.

But even Peyton would admit that he was injured last year and didn’t play that well down the stretch. He knows how that went. If he feels like that again in 2015, he’d also be the first to say that maybe the end is near. He’s a realistic guy. He knows that he can’t play forever, and he’s said before that he’ll quit when his body doesn’t let him play like he desires.

There’s no way Manning is sitting around worrying about this or thinking angry thoughts about Brady. They’re still friends, Brady didn’t even mean it as an insult, and the whole thing will be long forgotten by the time the season starts.

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