Colorado Rockies: The Next Four Days are a Huge Test


The Colorado Rockies are facing a four-game stretch against the New York Mets—four games in four days—and it’s one of the biggest tests of the season. The Mets, with 59 wins, are leading the National League East. It’s been something of a surprise, though a very pleasant one for Mets fans, and it means the Rockies can measure themselves against one of the league’s best.

Just to make things that much harder, all four games are in New York.

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The first game is a very interesting one, as it pits Jon Gray against Jon Niese—no word on whether or not the matchup was set just because of their first names. Anyway, Niese is only 6-9, but Gray is sitting at 0-0. If he can come out and get his first win, it’d be a huge way to start, and he has a chance against a pitcher who has struggled this year.

It would also be excellent for the Rockies to take that first game, which is tonight at 7:10 p.m., because the next two are going to be a lot harder. On Tuesday, Chris Rusin (3-4) goes up against Matt Harvey (10-7). On Wednesday, the Rockies have to face Jacob deGrom, who is 10-6. They do have Jorge De La Rosa slated to go against him, which gives them a great chance to win, but La Rosa is still just 7-4. It’ll be a tough one.

In the final game, Eddie Butler (3-9) faces off against Noah Syndergaard (6-6). That’s a bit more of a tossup, as Syndergaard still has to show exactly what his season is going to look like, but he’s statistically at an advantage over Butler.

The Rockies have won three of their last four, so they’ve actually been in a bit of a nice run. They need to carry that momentum into New York if they’re going to steal some games from the Mets.

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If the Rockies aren’t able to get the wins that they want, though, they won’t have to wait very long to get their revenge. After this four-game stretch, they come back to nine home games in a row. The first three are against San Diego, and the next three are against Washington. In the end of August, though, they have a third set against the Mets, in Denver. Those games run from August 21st to August 23rd.

If nothing else, the Rockies can use this stand in New York to learn just what they’ll need to do against the Mets to beat them at home.

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