Brock Osweiler will be Gone, John Clayton Says


Brock Osweiler killed it in the first preseason game of the year, and the general thought was that he was playing for a contract extension and his future with the Denver Broncos. He did well, which left many fans feeling that he would get that extension, despite being a backup for four years. He’s in the last year of his deal right now.

John Clayton disagreed. He told Cecil Lammey on a radio show that he thought Brock Osweiler would not get his extension and would move on to a new team after the year.

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Clayton didn’t really give fans much more to go on. He didn’t say if Brock wouldn’t be re-signed because the Broncos wouldn’t try to sign him or because he’d want to test the free agent market. He also didn’t say if he knew something from the front office—some concrete information—or if he just had that opinion himself.

Losing Osweiler wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it would be a blow. He’s shown a lot of potential when he’s played, as he did in Seattle. He’s physically a great fit for the NFL, and now he’s had three years—four after this season—under Peyton Manning to learn the game. A lot of fans optimistically felt that he could be the QB of the future.

Not that he’d be Manning, of course, but that the drop-off wouldn’t be huge.

There are a few reasons Clayton may think this. First and foremost, Osweiler may have more value on the open market. Broncos fans aren’t the only ones who saw that preseason game, who think he could turn into a very good starter in this league. Would a team like the Bills offer him a big contract that Denver wouldn’t want to match? A team with no QB may very well overpay, and it’d be hard to blame Brock for wanting to get his money.

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Another reason is Peyton Manning. If he retires after this year, Denver can afford to give Brock the big bucks and make him the starter. If Manning stays for another year or even signs a contract extension, Brock would just keep riding the bench. While that sounds like a soft, enjoyable job to most people, he probably wants to have a shot as a starter, and he may leave if it’s clear he’s never going to get it in Denver.

Either of those scenarios sound most likely, as it’s doubtful Clayton has inside information from the front office—seeing as how it’s way too early for Elway and company to have made up their minds about what to do with Brock.

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