Denver Broncos: Six Burning Questions


Yes, the Denver Broncos have won two games, and that’s a terrific way to start the season. Getting a win over the Ravens, a team they could see in the playoffs, and the Chiefs, their main competition for the division, makes it even better. However, all has been far from perfect in the Mile High City, and the Broncos have still left the fans with a lot of questions.

1. How long can the defense keep it up?

The defense has been out of this world, but they’ve needed all of it. Can they do this for 16 games and, hopefully, a few more in the postseason?

2. What will happen with Peyton Manning?

In 2012, Manning started poorly and got better all year long. In 2013 and 2014, the opposite happened, with him fading down the stretch. Which way will he trend this year?

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3. When will the running game arrive?

C.J. Anderson was looked at as a potential top-five back before the year. He’s been completely useless. Ronnie Hillman hasn’t been much better. In an offense built to work off of the run, will the Broncos ever actually start running the ball?

4. Can the O-line mesh?

A lot of the issues so far have been related to the offensive line. They’re not blocking well enough in the running game and they’re letting Manning take way too many shots. Are they going to mesh at some point, or is this as good as it’s going to look?

5. When are injuries going to strike?

There have been a lot of huge injuries in the NFL this year. The Broncos, so far, have avoided them. Eventually, though, someone is going to go down. That’s when fans will find out just how deep this team really is.

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6. Will Denver actually be better in the postseason?

Winning all of these close games is harder on the fans, that’s for sure. But it’s actually a better way to win, in many senses, than running out to a big lead. You almost never get those huge leads in the postseason anyway, even if you got them all year.

In the Super Bowl two years ago, it was clear Denver didn’t know how to play from behind at all. They had no idea what to do. This year, they’re used to being behind. They never led against the Chiefs until the last few seconds of the game.

Being able to win those close ones may make for less “sure” wins, but it could also mean winning the games that really matter.