The Broncos’ Defense is Incredible


The Denver Broncos have a defense that is so dominant it’s hard to overstate it. You can go on about it for hours and not be giving them too much credit. Aqib Talib noted that it’s the best defense he’s been on, and he’s not wrong; it’s the best defense the Broncos have had in years, perhaps decades.

They’re just great all across the board. Against the Detroit Lions, the pressure was nearly endless. From the very opening of the game, they were swarming Matthew Stafford, taking him down. They did seem to slow down a bit in the middle of the game, but they stepped it back up in the 4th, when things got close, and it ultimately led to the interception that sealed the game.

Every week, this is a defense that comes out firing at the end and creates turnovers. Every single week. It’s so consistent that it’s just what you expect as a fan.

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In the past, you worried a bit when the other team had the ball at the end. Even in the last few years, there was a sense that they might give up the score—and you just hoped there was enough time left for Peyton Manning to work his magic.

Peyton has a little of that magic left this year, but not what he had before. And now it looks like he gave it all to the defense. They’re every bit as clutch as he’s ever been, and there’s really no limit to how many games the Broncos can win. It may be stressful for fans, as they’re not blowing anyone out, but they can absolutely win.