Aqib Talib: Will Denver Broncos’ CB Be Punished for Foul?


Aqib Talib committed a costly personal foul late in the the Denver Broncos’ game agains the Indianapolis Colts, but will he be punished further by the NFL?

Aqib Talib is known for his shutdown defense, and he is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. However, his name was in the news for the wrong reason after the Denver Broncos’ week nine road loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Late in the game on Sunday, Aqib Talib poked Colts’ tight end Dwayne Allen in the eye, resulting in a costly personal foul penalty that helped the Colts secure the win against the then-undefeated Broncos.

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From what it looks like, Dwayne Allen and Von Miller got into an argument after the end of a play late in the game, shoving each other. After the two exchanged shoves, Aqib Talib came to Miller’s side and reached in Allen’s face mask and poked the tight end in the eye. The penalty resulted in a first down for the Colts, and they were able to run the clock down before attempting a field goal with under 30 seconds left. However, another late penalty allowed the Colts to run the clock out without the Broncos getting the ball back.

The Denver Broncos went on to lose their first game of the season, but Aqib Talib may face further punishment from the NFL for his personal foul late in the game. Surely, the NFL will review the play, and if they deem the foul to be intentional, which it looks to be, a suspension for Talib might loom in the near future. Without Talib playing in the Broncos week 10 home matchup against the Chiefs, the Broncos must fill a hole left by their superstar cornerback.

You can take a look for yourself and determine whether or not Aqib Talib committed the foul on purpose:

This type of personal foul falls in-line with some of the fouls Ndamukong Suh committed that resulted in him being suspended for future games. Although Aqib Talib does not have a history of committing heinous fouls like the one seen above, a suspension may come his way in the upcoming days. If Talib is suspended for any length of time, the Broncos need to address the glaring hole at cornerback before the upcoming matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Perhaps, Calvin Harris Jr. and Kayvon Webster headline the cornerback corps in week 10, but that is assuming Aqib Talib faces further punishment from the NFL. Although the punishment is still up in the air, Talib likely faces at-least a fine for his personal foul, if not a suspension. Keep an eye on this story moving forward. News should drop on the subject within the upcoming days, likely after Monday Night Football concludes.