Peyton Manning Begins Throwing Program


Peyton Manning began throwing this week, but he is still not ready to be thrown into game action.

Peyton Manning threw with members of the strength and conditioning staff today at the Denver Broncos’ indoor practice facility. The throwing session marked the most extensive workout for Peyton Manning; since, he went down with the foot injury over three weeks ago against the Chiefs. Peyton Manning spent about a half-hour throwing, followed by some drill work. 

"“We’ll see how he comes out of each day. …just take it day to day. We’ve got a good little process going right now; we’ll stick to it throughout the week.” – Gary Kubiak"

Peyton Manning spent two weeks off of his foot to help with the healing process, spending over a week in a cast and a few days with a walking boot. Peyton Manning started his rehab process on Saturday, but today marked the first time Manning threw a football. Peyton Manning begins to ramp up his rehabilitation process, so he can return to the field to help the Denver Broncos make a deep playoff run.

With Brock Osweiler leading the Denver Broncos to three-consecutive wins, Gary Kubiak has a tough decision on whom to go with down the stretch-run of the season. The silver-lining to Peyton Manning’s injury is that Kubiak will not have to make that decision this week as the Denver Broncos host the Oakland Raiders. If the Denver Broncos continue their winning ways, they are in the driver’s seat to have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. 

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Peyton Manning began conditioning work to remain in game-shape, but that did not include throwing the football. Peyton Manning led the NFL in interceptions through the first nine weeks of the season. Most notably, he left week nine’s matchup with just five completions for 35 yards and four interceptions. Peyton Manning stated that he initially suffered his torn plantar fascia in week eight against the Colts, but he and Kubiak believed Manning could play through the injury in week nine. However, that proved to not be the case moving forward.

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Brock Osweiler is undefeated in his trial-run at starting quarterback, helping the Denver Broncos regain momentum on the way to their division-leading 10-2 record. The Denver Broncos host the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, so look for Osweiler to get his fourth-straight start (and win) as Peyton Manning continues to build up strength for a hopeful return. Kickoff is Sunday at 2:05 (MST), with the Denver Broncos hoping to improve to 11-2 on the season.