Brock Osweiler: Denver Broncos Need to Re-Sign QB


Brock Osweiler is set to become a free agent after this year, so should the Denver Broncos sign the young quarterback to a long-term deal?

Although Brock Osweiler lost his first professional game yesterday (12/13) against the Oakland Raiders, he looks the part as the future quarterback for the Denver Broncos. With Peyton Manning‘s lingering foot injury, Brock Osweiler expects to start his fifth game in a row, a road matchup against Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburg Steelers. As a starter this year, Brock Osweiler sports a 3-1 record, with an impressive win against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots under his belt.

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As Peyton Manning gets older, he struggles to heal as fast as he would like. With Manning’s status doubtful for Sunday’s matchup (12/20) against the Steelers, this would mark the fifth-consecutive game missed by Manning as he rehabs his foot injury. Also, Peyton Manning has one year remaining on his contract, but he looks incapable of leading a team for the longevity of the NFL season, especially with his weakened arm strength and diminishing mobility.

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On the other hand, Brock Osweiler provides a big arm, capable of throwing the ball deep downfield, for the the Denver Broncos. Additionally, although Brock Osweiler is not a speedy quarterback, he provides enough speed and durability to scramble out of the pocket for much-needed yards, instead of Manning going to the fetal position as soon as he sees pressure. With the Denver Broncos possessing a playoff-caliber squad, John Elway and Gary Kubiak need to make decisions that help the team in the short-run and long-run.

While Peyton Manning was the starter for the Denver Broncos, he led the NFL in interceptions, averaging nearly two per game; however, Brock Osweiler averages one touchdown and 0.5 interceptions per game. Despite no touchdown passes against the Raiders, Osweiler did not turn the ball over once in the game (outside of a safety), and he threw for over 300 yards on the day. If it were not for Khalil Mack, Brock Osweiler, likely, has a much better game in the counting stats department. 

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Khalil Mack owned the Denver Broncos’ offensive line on Sunday (12/13), but Osweiler remained poised in the pocket throughout the game. Imagine a scenario where Peyton Manning was in the game on Sunday; he would have struggled tremendously with the Raiders’ pass rush. The Raiders overmatched the Denver Broncos in a game filled with field goals; however, the Broncos had a chance to win or tie the game late, but Vernon Davis dropped a wide-open pass that could have extended on of the Broncos’ final drives.

In Brock Osweiler’s four starts, he averages 249 passing yards, one touchdown, and 0.5 interceptions per game. This season, Peyton Manning averaged (in nine starts) 242 passing yards, 1.9 interceptions, and one touchdown per game. However, to put into perspective, Brock Osweiler makes $1.1M this season; while, Peyton Manning makes $17.5M, illustrating the point that the Denver Broncos need to cut ties with the aging superstar. Osweiler provides more “bang for your buck” at quarterback, even with a new contract negotiation following this season.

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  • Next season, Peyton Manning makes $21.5M, so it will be tough to deal such an awful contract. With the Denver Broncos in the midst of a playoff run, they will have one of the latter picks in the 2016 NFL Draft, and they might choose to pursue a quarterback next season to provide a cheaper alternative than re-signing Brock Osweiler. However, as a 6’7” quarterback with a strong arm, Brock Osweiler provides high upside for a player who only registered four starts in his career.

    With the big question mark surrounding Brock Osweiler’s productivity and starting history, some teams might take a gamble on the 25 year old quarterback. Plenty of teams around the NFL need a good, young quarterback to head their teams, so there might be a bidding war for Osweiler’s services. However, the Denver Broncos should be among those teams bidding for him. If the Denver Broncos can unload Peyton Manning’s contract, that gives the team ample money to pursue Brock Osweiler next season.

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    Moreover, Brock Osweiler presents a major upgrade, both from a financial and productive standpoint, for the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos need to cut ties with Peyton Manning and re-sign Brock Osweiler. In Osweiler’s trial-run as starting quarterback, he showcased the type of quarterback that can lead a team to victory, especially a team with a strong defense. Brock Osweiler likely sees a three-to-four year deal after he hits free agency, but as a 25 year old quarterback, he should be worth the contract.