Peyton Manning Denies Report about Role on Broncos


Peyton Manning is currently recovering from plantar faciatis in his foot that evidenced itself on November 15th, placing him on the Denver Broncos bench and paving the way for Brock Osweiler to start the last 5 games for the Broncos.’s Ian Rapaport reported last week that Peyton Manning is not satisfied with becoming a backup quarterback once he is healthy enough to return, leading to speculation that his time with the Denver Broncos is coming to an end. However today, Peyton Manning refuted that report, going on a “not suitable for work” rant while using profanity to question the veracity of Rapaport’s claim.

Peyton Manning, speaking to the Denver Post’s Mark Kizla, decried the alleged inaccuracy of the report, stating:

"“It’s a flat-out lie. It’s insulting. And it’s distracting…That’s 100 percent bull—-. No. 1, it is bull—-. And No. 2, it’s insulting. The worst part about being hurt is that a lot of people seem to know everything about you and speak for you, even when it’s somebody you don’t even know.”"

Given the enthusiasm that Peyton Manning exerted in this interview with Kizla, it’s safe to assume that either Rapaport struck a nerve, or that his sources are incorrect. On Sunday, Denver Broncos president John Elway also corroborated what Peyton Manning asserted today, tweeting:

Whatever the case is, Peyton Manning will remain on the Denver Broncos at least until the end of the season; and will probably return to his starting role once he is healthy. With the Denver Broncos offense struggling, and not having scored in the second halves of the last two games against the Raiders and the Steelers, a return from Peyton Manning to the starting lineup could help reinvigorate the Denver Broncos as they prepare for the AFC playoffs.

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