Cody Wallace Deserves Suspension for hit on Bruton


Steelers’ Cody Wallace was on the receiving end of a fine for his superman hit on David Bruton in the Denver Broncos’ game last week.

The Pittsburg Steelers’ Cody Wallace landed a vicious hit on Denver Broncos’ safety David Bruton, leaving his feet and landing a helmet-first hit on Bruton. Although Cody Wallace received a fine for his hit, he should be suspended for at least one game. The Denver Broncos’ locker room is furious after hearing that Cody Wallace would not be punished further than a fine.

Below, you will find a Vine from the Denver Broncos’ Twitter feed showing the horrific hit from Cody Wallace:

Numerous defensive stars on the Denver Broncos weighed in on Cody Wallace’s hit on David Bruton in last week’s game against the Steelers. Above, you see Aqib Talib‘s stance on the hit, but even T.J. Ward and Chris Harris voiced their opinion on the hit, with both believing the hit deserved a suspension (and was worse than Odell Beckham‘s hit on Josh Norman).

"“If that was us that hit him, we would have been suspended. That’s just how it is. If that was one of the Broncos guys that did a late hit like that, we would have been suspended; we would have been fined. That’s how it would have been.” – Chris Harris Jr."

Moreover, Odell Beckham Jr. received a one-game suspension for his actions (mostly his helmet-first hit) against Josh Norman last week. If OBJ received a suspension for his hit last week, Cody Wallace deserves one for his hit. The hit he landed on David Bruton is brutal and unacceptable. The play was clearly winding down, and Cody Wallace launched himself at a vulnerable Bruton.

"“Oh, come on, man. That was out of pocket. He was completely out of line for that. It was malicious, and he was trying to hurt one of our players. How do you feel about that?” – T.J. Ward"

With both Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward receiving suspensions this year, they probably know first-hand what does and does not warrant a suspension. Cody Wallace is free to play for the Steelers in their upcoming game against the Ravens; however, David Bruton landed on season-ending IR with a fractured bone in his leg. It should be noted that the hit did not cause Bruton’s injury.

The NFL clearly dropped the ball on this one, and Cody Wallace should consider himself lucky he did not receive a suspension. Because, that hit definitely warranted one. Perhaps, the NFL will review the play further and deem Cody Wallace had malice intent when leaving his feet to land a hit on Bruton, but for now, he just got a lifeline to play this week.

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Luckily, David Bruton did not suffer a serious injury from the hit, because it could have been much worse, especially after seeing the hit from multiple angles (above). We wish David Bruton a speedy recovery from his fractured leg.