Ranked: Which team has the best odds of winning the Super Bowl?

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With NFL training camps already in full swing, we decided to take a look at where the Vegas odds-makers think each NFL franchise stands right now.

Specifically, what are the current odds of each team winning the Super Bowl?  Yes, people are already placing their bets.

Why should we care?  Well, the betting odds are determined by real money gambling, and are a fairly effective way to take fan bias out of the equation when figuring out how the season is likely to go down.

We took a look at online betting site Bovada and pulled the numbers, ranking each of the 32 NFL franchises in order from least to most likely to win Super Bowl 51.

AFC North. Last Super Bowl Win: NEVER. Cleveland Browns. 32. player. 53. Bovada puts the odds of a Browns Super Bowl win this season at <strong>100-to-1</strong>

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns /

LAST SEASON: 3-13 (last in AFC North)

COACH: Hue Jackson (second season with the team)


Not a whole lot of positive for the Browns. They’re attempting to bring “moneyball” to the NFL — maybe it will start to have an impact?

The team replaced Johnny Manziel with Robert Griffin III, who is looking to relaunch his once promising NFL career after a disastrous stint with the Redskins.  That may be like selling your broken down Kia Rio and replacing it with another Kia Rio.

Is it possible this team is actually cursed?

BOTTOM LINE:  Giving them a 1% chance of winning the Super Bowl might be overly generous. The “Factory of Sadness” will continue production throughout the 2016 season.

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