Colorado Mammoth Send Player and Pick to Saskatchewan Rush


The Colorado Mammoth made a trade with the Saskatchewan Rush for a player and a pick. In return the Mammoth send a player and a pick in return.

With the National Lacrosse League draft just a week away, the Colorado Mammoth made a trade with the Saskatchewan Rush. Both teams send a pick and a player to the other team. The two players involved, both scored 42 goals in the 2016 season.

The Mammoth send Adam Jones and a 2017 second round pick to the Rush. In return, the Mammoth acquired Zack Greer and a first round pick. Greer was the Rush’s leading scorer last season. Both players have scored 40 or more goals in the past two season and scored six points in a single quarter. Both players scored those six goals earlier on in this last season.

Colorado Mammoth president and general manager Steve Govett seems really excited to be bringing in Zack Greer. What has Govett excited is that Greer is a proven winner, has a winning pedigree and puts them in good position for the future.

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Playing for Team Canada in the Field and Box World Championship competitions the last two years, Greer won gold medals. That is the winning pedigree that makes Govett excited. For the 2016 NLL season, Greer had the second best shooting percentage among players to score more than 40 goals. Finally, over the seven-year career of Greer, he has scored 199 goals.

Looking at the stats, Greer is an improvement over Jones. Greer had the second highest shooting percentage with a .202 on player with more than 40 goals, while Jones had a .176 shooting percentage.

Jones is younger than Greer and still is growing as a player. That is probably why the Mammoth are getting a first round pick while sending only a second round pick. This gives Colorado the ninth pick of the first round, while giving up a future second round pick.

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This puts the Rush in a great spot as they have a lot of draft picks in the coming draft. Meanwhile the Colorado Mammoth have only four draft selections, the #9 pick from the Rush then their original fourth, fifth and sixth round picks.

How will this trade turn out? Only time will tell, but there is no doubt that Mammoth fans should be excited. Greer is a proven winner and can help the Mammoth in many ways. Being a slightly more efficient scorer than Jones is just one of those ways.

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The National Lacrosse League draft is on September 26th, just a week away. Just six days before the the schedule for next season will be released.