The Broncos Schedule and Our Predictions

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Ah, December in Cincinnati and the annual cry of ‘Why are the Bengals so bad?’.

Really.  Dalton is a good quarterback.  They have a solid defense.  Bernard is a good back, Lewis a good coach.  They have a strong receiving corps.  It doesn’t make sense that they aren’t better.

I think they need a uniform change.  I’m old enough to remember when they looked just like the Browns but had ‘BENGALS’ in block font on the side of their helmets.  I think the psychological weight of the despair those tiger-striped uniforms have endured has scarred the Bengals franchise.

Maybe even a fresh take on the name.  Bengal tigers are native to the Indian sub-continent.  An area that includes Nepal and the Himalayan mountains.  A Yeti theme would keep the team’s mascot regionally similar. It would transform it from sad, nearly extinct but beautiful animal to mythical shining beacon of strength and perseverance.  It would also be appropriate, as something that doesn’t exist, to the Bengals chances for success.

Someone should look into that.

Prediction:  Broncos (10-2,3-1)