Imagining Nuggets Players as Star Wars Characters

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(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Nuggets
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Nuggets /

In honor of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, we thought we’d imagine the Nuggets roster as Star Wars characters.

When I was 10 years old, the two things I loved above all else were the Denver Nuggets and Star Wars.  My grandmother got me a little black-and-white television for Christmas that year.  I watched Dan Issel and David Thompson on that tiny screen on KWGN channel 2.  Channel 2 also had wrestling at 11AM on Sundays.  I did love Jimmy Snuka and the High Flyers but not as much as Star Wars and not as much as the Nuggets.

Imagine my surprise, then when thinking of the Avengers comparisons some friends had done when I stumbled on the idea of matching the Nuggets and Star Wars.  Surprise because this is literally the first time this has crossed my mind.

Anyway, let’s have some fun!