Imagining Nuggets Players as Star Wars Characters

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Nikola Jokic’ pick and roll defense looks like he’s frozen in carbonite!

Thanks, I’m here all week.

Jokic gets the second of the “Big 3” designations with none other than Han Solo.  Fan favorite and still probably the best character the movies has produced.  The comparisons between the Nuggets Serbian giant and Han are many.

Even in regulated situations, Han is an outside-the-box guy.  He’s not straight-up defiant but he knows how to make things happen the way he wants. Jokic is the same on a basketball floor.  Unconventional.

Both men are corny but endearingly so.  They are funny and like to tell jokes.  Both have a fiercely loyal fan base.

They have the loyalty of their compadres.

Both are the best, the underdog without the superpowers or fancy cache of skills.

Both are what inspires us, reluctant heroes.