Imagining Nuggets Players as Star Wars Characters

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(Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)
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Rounding out the”Big 3″, Jamal Murray checks in as Luke Skywalker.

Young and brash, the Blue Arrow, like Luke,  has a seemingly unlimited reservoir of talent at his disposal.  He is strong with the force but impulsive is he.  Always looking to the playoffs.  Never his mind on where he is at, what he is doing.

Also like Skywalker, Murray is part of a core group of special performers but he is quietly the most powerful.  It’s not a stretch to say Jamal has the most physical ability of his core-mates.

The downside is keeping him and Barton from teaming up to defeat Millsap. I think there’s a coach on the staff whose only job is to mediate that relationship.

If old Luke has taught us anything, though it’s that the Light Side/Dark Side paradigm produces nothing but war.  The Jedi do not, in fact, own the Light.  I don’t know, something, something, balance.

While everyone else works to put the Nuggets in position to succeed, it will be Murray that delivers that kill-shot, puts the Denver squad over-the-top.

Like his counterpart, it is his destiny.