Getting to Know You: Carlos Gonzalez Colorado Rockies Outfielder

(Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images) /
(Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images) /

There’s no go like a car go.

Or something like that.  Carlos Gonzalez is just about synonymous with the Colorado Rockies now.  Lovingly referred to as CarGo he is delighting us today as much as he was when he made his debut in 2008.

He was, of course, named the number one prospect by Baseball America because anyone who saw him play, knew.  As soon as he hit the field, the magic started happening, debuting on 5/30, hitting .242 including 4 home runs, and 26 RBI’s over 85 games.

2009 would bring career highs for all things offensive, following suit.  Gonzalez would also finish this season with the second best fielding percentage among NL outfielders proving he is more than his batting prowess.

In 2010, Gonzalez won the National League batting title becoming the fifth Rockies player to do so, but perpetuating Cargo’s go-go power so early in his career.

2011 was more of the same but the first of the injuries that would start to become a problem.  The batting is great, the fielding percentage is among the best still but the injuries would start to mount.

2014 is when the injuries start to count and mean serious time missed for the superstar.  A 60 day disabled list and 2 surgeries will mark his fewest appearances since his career began.

In 2015 we see a versatile player bouncing back and winning a second Silver Slugger award. With 40 home runs,  a new career high for Carlos.

2016 would give Gonzalez his third NL All-Star appearance and second consecutive season of 150 games so it looks like he is on the mend and back on the horse.  Physically strong and playing all-star ball like we have come to expect.

Carlos is originally from Venezuela.  He and his wife are the proud parents of three lovely children and founded the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation in 2014.  It raises money for the Denver area Boys and Girls Club, Denver Advocacy Center, and Denver Kids.

Gonzalez is also a frequent visitor to the Childrens Hospital Colorado and participates with the Make-A-Wish Holiday Wish Store.  If you would like to follow him on Twitter his handle is @CarGo5 and his stats can be viewed here.