5 Broncos In Need of a Big Season

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Su’a Cravens, Defensive Back

We really don’t need to address the character issues that arose in Washington with Cravens.  suffice to say the ‘Skins overreacted to an incident.

Where Cravens matters most is in staving off the ill-feelings from the losses in the secondary over the last two seasons. We are really high on Bradley Roby and it was time for him to start but he is not Aqib Talib.  He’s not current Talib, much less prime-time.  That is in no way a knock on Roby.  He is a founder and legit member of the No-Fly Zone, he earned his spot and he earned the Broncos decision to part ways with Aqib.

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Cravens is big at 6-1 and 225.  He will keep the toughness and size in the secondary.  He’s almost a hybrid of Ward and Talib.

We talk about reputation and attitude.  The defense and particularly the secondary have a different take on reputation.  Swagger, nasty, disruptive. The defense isn’t about statistics, it’s about submission, surrender.  It’s what Von and Ware did to Cam in Super Bowl 50.  It’s Talib ripping Michael Crabtree’s chain off.  Chris Harris’ fearless tackling.  Derek Wolfe, Peko, on and on.

Cravens needs to remind us of that.  There’s enough of the old-guard left but there needs to be a next-generation.

The No-Fly Zone lives or dies this season, Cravens can be caretaker or pallbearer.  I’m guessing Chris Harris, Bradley Roby and Darian Stewart aren’t going to accept the latter.