5 Broncos In Need of a Big Season

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Vance Joseph, Head Coach

Vance Joseph had a tough first year for the Broncos.  The disarray at quarterback has diverted some of the scrutiny from Joseph but he still is viewed as a hot-seat guy.

What seemed to be lacking from leadership last season was, well…..leadership.  Joseph never seemed to be in-command, even if he was.

Again, perception is what we’re talking about and the perception is that Joseph was not prepared for the leap from coordinator to head coach.  Boo-birds in Denver would pile Joseph, Black, Malone and Bednar into the same bus out-of-town.  It’s part of the gig, I’m sure all for understand.

It’s reasonable that Joseph gets a season with a settled QB and an exciting draft class to work with.  That’s what he was supposed to have last season but Paxton Lynch would not cooperate.


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Joseph is a good football coach.  I have to believe that will shine through.  He’s surrounded by competent assistants, he has a supportive, seasoned front office.  He has great veteran leadership on his team.

That’s the thing about taking the top job.  At some point the buck stops and there’s no more excuses.  For NFL coaches, that buck stops about halfway through your second bad season.

I’m pulling for Joseph, I thought he was the right choice, I still think he is the right coach for Denver but he will need to rise up and take the Broncos into the playoffs this season, with the promise of continued championship football in Denver.

It’s what we’ve come to expect.  4-12?