Denver Nuggets: Isaiah Thomas, Kawhi Leonard and the West

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We have three months until the NBA season opens.

As you can imagine the Nuggets news will be thin during that time. That leaves the door open for rumor, overanalysis, general nonsense when it comes to NBA news.

While we have other things to discuss, we also want to stay above the fray when it comes to NBA news.  Let’s just get in front of a few things before we turn our gaze elsewhere:

  • We don’t care what anyone’s 2K rating is.
  • Fortnite Season 5 is well underway
  • We think the Nuggets roster has unprecedented potential and don’t wish to speculate on unlikely/absurd scenarios to bring players here that don’t fit.
  • The Warriors are going to win the title, again.  2019-20 may be the Nuggets year, most likely 20-21.
  • Donovan Mitchell is in the right place and we wish him continued success in Utah.
  • Denver’s defense is better than advertised.
  • Mason Plumlee and Trey Lyles are integral parts of this team and are unfairly criticized.
  • Denver is 10-11 against the Warriors since their 2015 title.
  • This is as exciting an offseason as the Nuggets have had.
  • Michael Porter Jr.’s back is either ok or it is not.  It’s why he fell to the 14th pick. If it is, Denver’s timeline accelerates as he is a prolific shooter.
  • Porter’s second surgery, last week, was called a success and NBA player Jared Dudley confirmed he had used the same office and procedure and has been symptom-free since.
  • The NFL has opened the door for the NBA to overtake them, I believe they will.
  • A big congratulations to the Altitude broadcast crew on their Emmy Award.

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