Denver Broncos: 5 Questions We Need Answered in Camp

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Look, I understand that King is the punter and that even among special teams the position may be low on the list of importance (there’s always long-snapper to keep punter from the basement).

This punter isn’t just your average guy, though.

I watched King over the last two seasons with Oakland (Vegas?  Is that real?) and his punting has an impact on games.  It’s as much psychological as statistical. His booming kicks, his accuracy, he ranks near the top for punters most years.  What strikes me from his statistics is the low return yardage allowed.  That means King can tailor his kicks to his coverage.

With 8 of his 16 games at Mile High (I’m just going to call it Mile High), King has an opportunity to put up historical punting numbers.  Bottom of the list or not, special teams matters and confidence in the kicking game will be at an all-time high between McManus and King.