Colorado Rapids Vs L.A. Galaxy Tonight A Must Win

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Two years ago a Colorado Rapids versus L.A. Galaxy soccer match would have been something that even I would want to go to.

  Now, I’m not saying that I dislike soccer, but I’m not a die-hard fan that needs to make it to games every season.  I can watch a game on TV and be absolutely content.  Two years ago, with the Rapids in second place in the conference and the Galaxy in third, I might have felt the need to go.  Unfortunately the match up between these two teams tonight isn’t on my must go to list of games in Colorado Sports.  The disparity between the talent level of these football clubs is just too great.

For those Colordo Rapids fan who are still reading this at this point, let me elaborate on why I don’t need to watch this in person.  First, the Rapids aren’t even in the running for a playoff spot.  I mean, sure, there are 14 games left in the season, including this one, and if the Rapids win them all, they are probably going to the playoffs.  Looking at the Rapids record, though, I’m not too hopeful.  They have won 4 games this season out of 21 games played and have 17 points.  The Galaxy, on the other hand, have 10 games won and 35 points on the season. 10-15 more points and the Galaxy are almost guaranteed they are in the playoffs.  With between 45-50 points needed to make the playoffs most year the Rapids need another 28 at a minimum. That is an average of 2 points per game.  Win half of the games and tie the rest and the Rapids might get in…might.  

The Colorado Rapids do have the advantage on playing on their home pitch, however, the Galaxy have as many wins on opposing pitches as the Colorado Rapids have total.  This effectively nullifies whatever advantage the Rapids may have had.  I could argue that the Rapids are at a disadvantage against the Galaxy no matter where they play based on their records.  It is one thing to watch your team get beat up on tv as the away team.  Watching your team get beat up on their own turf at the game is another.

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Goals are what win games in soccer.  Or ,more importantly, scoring more goals than your opponent is what wins games and the Galaxy certainly do that better than the Rapids.  The Rapids have scored 25 goals this season while the Galaxy have scored 43 goals.  Both teams have given up 36 goals to their opponents.  Defensively these teams may be in the same league, but offensively there is a glaring difference that is not in the Rapids favor.  A score of 1-2 I think would be optimistic for the Rapids in this game tonight.

Finally, the Galaxy are hot right now.  They have won 4 of their last 7 games and the other 3 were ties.  They haven’t actually lost a game since June 15th when the Portland Timbers beat them 1-0.  The Rapids on the other hand haven’t won a game since July 1st against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC where the Rapids won 1-0.  Even worse, the Rapids are coming off a lose to D.C. United last week who were ranked equally low in the Eastern Conference.  I’d expect that hot streak to continue for the Galaxy tonight against the reeling Rapids.

For those Colorado Rapids fans left reading and swearing at me please know that I hope I’m wrong.  I hope that the struggles are behind the Rapids and they do win out the season and go on to win the MLS Cup.  I hope that they beat crush the Galaxy tonight to kick off that monster win streak that they need.  I hope that they start scoring goals in droves and give up few to their opponents.  I’m not holding my breath, but if I’m wrong about tonights game that would be a great start.  This is a must win game if the Rapids are going to get back on track for the back half of the season.