Basketball Is Almost Back: Denver Nuggets 2018 Schedule Released

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The Denver Nuggets need to get off to a quick start this season. 

The young team needs to build momentum that carries them through the rest of the season.  The first 10 games of the season are going to set the pace for the rest of the season.  

The Nuggets have a mixed bag for the first 10.  The first 10 games have 2 back-to-back games, a lot of travel, and some hard games.

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The first of the back-to-backs for the Nuggets will be played at home but it will not be an easy one by any means.  The Nuggets will go up against the Phoenix Suns in their first home game and then will follow it up with an extremely tough matchup against the Golden State Warriors.

The second series of back-to-back games the Nuggets will play will be tough if the Nuggets are prepared.  Both games will be on the road.  First stop is in Chicago for a game that the Nuggets should win.  The Chicago game will be followed up on November 1st with a visit to Cleveland where the Denver Nuggets will tipoff against a LeBron-less Cavs team.  On paper a win.  In reality who knows what the Cavaliers will hold this season.

There is little consistency in the first 10 games for the Denver Nuggets.  There is a three game home-stand.  There is a two-game road trip and a two-game homestand as well.  Two games in a row isn’t enough to get into a rhythm if you ask me and the Nuggets will be on an airplane 7 times before their first 10 games are over.

The first tough game for the Nuggets in the first 10 is going to be the October 21st game versus Golden State.  This is the second half of the back-to-back and game number 3 on the season.  It will be a hard fought win if the Nuggets can pull it off and a win the Nuggets should be proud of to start the season as it will be something to build on for the rest of the season. Denver was 2-2 against the Warriors last year and are 10-11 since the Dubs 2015 Championship.

Next up of concern will be the L.A. Lakers on October 25th.  This will be a good first look for the Denver Nuggets at the new look Lakers with LeBron at the helm.  Adding to the excitement of this game will be a hopefully continuing feud between Murray and Ball.  This is on my must watch list.

The Nuggets will end their first 10 games with two hard games.  Denver Nuggets versus the Utah Jazz on November 3rd is a division rivalry in what last year was a close Northwest division.  Denver Nuggets versus the Boston Celtics on November 5th is a game against a team that should be competing to win the Eastern Conference again.  Winning these two games would give credence to the idea that the Denver Nuggets could be a real threat going forward this season.

The first 10 games have their perils but are going to be key going forward.  I think it is realistic to start the season 7-3, but it certainly will be hard fought.  This is just what the Denver Nuggets young core need to start an important season.