Some Denver Broncos Fans Going Too Far With Paxton Lynch Hate

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

I get it.  Paxton Lynch isn’t living up to our expectations as Denver Broncos fans.  A first round quarterback entering his third year should be much better than Lynch is at this point in his career. 

He looked terrible in the pre-season game on Saturday against Minnesota, he had a brutal year for the Broncos last year, and he just isn’t progressing.  Or at least he isn’t progressing at a rate that will have him playing for the Broncos any time soon.  Adding salt to the wound is how good former Broncos QB, Trevor Siemian, seemed to be playing in comparison.

Paxton Lynch’s days in the orange and blue are probably numbered, but his last day can’t come soon enough for some Broncos fans.  Some Denver Broncos fans are donating their own hard earned cash to a GoFundMe campaign trying to raise enough money to cover the Bronco release of the third year quarterback.  It seems to me like we may be going too far.

I’m all for holding our sports teams accountable for their bad decisions and poor performances, but paying money out of your own pocket seems counter intuitive.  Sports organizations are businesses that are out to make money.  Why should they care if their players are good or they are having a winning season? Because they make more money through ticket sales, concessions, television viewership, etc.  By the fans bailing the Broncos out with their own money they give up the biggest form of power have… their money.

I understand that there probably won’t be a giant golf check presented to the Denver Broncos on behalf of the Denver fans.  This is probably strictly symbolic and a way for the fans to let the organization know that we are tired of the QB woes and training camp playoffs, but why do we even care about a project quarterback who is at best our backup?  At this point he would probably be backup to our backup.

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Maybe we Denver Broncos fans have too much time on our hands.  Maybe it is the altitude finally getting to us.  Maybe we are demanding too much from our organization.  When I checked today on the GoFundMe page it was only up to $55 of the $600,000 target so I’m probably making poor generalizations on the overall fan base here in Denver, but even starting the campaign seems a bit extreme in my opinion.  The organization probably has other plans and I applaud the Broncos for giving Lynch a more than fair look.  I’m sure it comes down to more than just $600k.

I do wish Paxton Lynch would have turned out better for us, but is this what Denver sports has really come to?  Paying money out of our own pockets to have someone who at this point doesn’t matter fired?

Sounds extreme for a game that is supposed to be fun.