Denver Broncos: 3 Things We Want to see for Raiders Week

Denver Broncos{Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos{Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images) /
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How did Case Keenum play against the Seahawks?

It’s tough to say.  On the one hand there’s 300+ yards and three touchdowns.  On the other, there are three interceptions and far too many bad throws.

Like with the defense, we’d like to think that the Broncos staff and Keenum are aware and that the bad side of the argument can be relegated to “first game jitters” status.

It’s hard to buy that narrative, though, we saw Case struggle with accuracy in the preseason, the opener was not an anomaly, at least for Keenum’s time in Denver.

Keenum completes 62% of his passes for his career and had a high of 67% last year with Minnesota.  Drew Brees leads all NFL quarterbacks in career completion percentage at 67%.  John Elway, for example, posted a 56.9 completion percentage for his career.

Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos

So, statistically and historically, Keenum is a very accurate quarterback.  That’s going to have to translate into his Broncos time for the team to get anywhere.

As we’ve mentioned, Keenum has improved every season he’s been in the NFL. It’s very likely that his early-season woes are the anomaly and that the 300+ yards and touchdowns are what we can expect.  Bill Musgrave has no misgivings about Keenum or his performance.

With the absence of Mack on the Raiders line, Keenum should once again have the time to make solid decisions.

The developing weapons on the Denver offense with a nice veteran/rookie mix also give Keenum a lot of room.  Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas all produced well for Denver against the Seahawks, the balanced attack should play right into Case’s game.

We’re not too concerned with Keenum’s development, he’d have to have regressed quite a bit to be off his game and we’ve seen that he just doesn’t do that.

There’s other factors at play in Sunday’s game: