Denver Broncos: 5 Players We’ll be Watching in Baltimore

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Lindsay’s role can be more refined.

We’ve talked a lot about Phillip Lindsay here.  It’s no secret that we are excited and intrigued by the undrafted rookie from Colorado.  As we mentioned in the linked article, there’s some concern that because of his size, Lindsay is destined to get injured, derailing his NFL dreams.

Really, that’s the final obstacle that the remarkable young man has to overcome.  If his longevity and health match the drive and ability he’s shown, Lindsay has the ability to propel himself into pretty lofty company.

His size and his draft position, seen as handicaps have had little impact on Lindsay’s performance, so far.  While we understand the physics of larger objects hitting smaller objects at high speed, we’ve yet to see Lindsay take a big shot.  His ability to avoid tackles seems tied directly to his ability to stay healthy.  He played every game for four years at Colorado and never sustained significant injury.

What remains for the Broncos coaching staff is to mitigate Lindsay’s injury status.  He’s been an integral part of special teams play but with Marquette King having the ability to kick deep, high, back the ball up, etc.  it might be time to relieve the Broncos RB2 from punt coverage duty.

We’ve seen, through two games that Lindsay has a lot to do with the success of Denver’s offense, already.  It would be tragic to see him injured in coverage.

Next. Phillip Lindsay. dark

With the offensive gifts Lindsay has shown and with Kick Returner already on his plate, it’s important that Lindsay not be overused, come playoff time his value will increase greatly and having him fresh and ready will pay off for the Broncos.

Kind of like it did for the last guy to wear number 30.