Denver Broncos: 5 Player Questions vs. Ravens Answered

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We wanted to see something from Chubb.

We did.  What we saw was a young man that continues to look unprepared for the speed and strength of NFL linemen.  Chubb notched a whopping two tackles against the Ravens, though one was a sack of Joe Flacco.  The sack came early and was encouraging but we never heard Bradley’s name again after that play.

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Credit Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s game plan for the Broncos and Flacco’s excellent implementation.  The best way to counter Denver’s edge-rushers is to get rid of the ball quick.  Baltimore savaged the Denver defense over the middle and with plays in the flat.  The Broncos outside backers looked one-dimensional, the inside guys looked lost.  Tight ends continue to perform big against the Denver defense.

We wanted Chubb to be DeMarcus Ware opposite Von Miller.  It looks like we’re going to have to wait for that.  We are spoiled with Miller, though he did little better than Chubb on Sunday.  Von was special right away.  That doesn’t happen often and we need to remember that.

Chubb isn’t playing poorly, he’s just not playing to a “highly-touted, 5th pick” level.

The front seven performed well in the Broncos two victories to open the season but regressed against the Ravens.  Chubb has to find his NFL gear to justify the Broncos using their pick on him rather than one of the quarterbacks available.  I’d honestly rather see Josh Rosen or Josh Allen working through rookie seasons than an uninspired Chubb playing adequate at linebacker.