Denver Broncos: 3 Reactions from the Kansas City Loss

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Denver’s pass-protection was brutal.

Let’s be fair right up front.  Denver ran the ball well but Kansas City has a comically bad rushing defense.  We’ll give the line half-credit for the rushing performance.  The other half goes completely to Denver Fullback Andy Janovich.

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Denver Broncos

Early on, Garett Bolles was flagged for a hold.  Nothing remarkable about that, he gets called for holding more than we’d like to see.  This play wasn’t Bolles fault, however, he took Chiefs super-rusher Justin Houston wide and upfield, Keenum didn’t step up into the pocket, got flustered and Bolles took Houston down.  I’m pretty sure Garett’s reaction confirmed that he thought his QB should have stepped up.

We saw a lot of Billy Turner at right tackle, it’s unclear if Jared Veldheer sustained any injury.

Mark the performance of the offensive line as the most disappointing aspect  of Denver’s offense this season. There are rumblings that Denver may swap Veldheer and Bolles but concern that Bolles couldn’t adjust.

Three years in, this should not be as dire a situation as it is.  Denver spent the 20th pick in the 2017 draft on Bolles, still not a bad decision, there haven’t been many players selected below that with any impact.  Veldheer was an offseason signing from the Arizona Cardinals.  the pair were supposed to anchor a deep, experienced line.  It just has not worked out that way, Bolles development is on-pace but slow for a first-round pick.

There are tough personnel decisions ahead for the Broncos executives and coaches: