Colorado Rockies Lose Game One of the NL Divisional Series

Colorado Rockies (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Colorado Rockies (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Colorado Rockies took the Brewers to extra innings in game one of the play-off series but weren’t able to pull off another win like the Cubs Wild-Card game.

A show was promised and a show it was.  A low scoring game that goes to extra innings to begin a series is October baseball.  Unfortunately for Rockies and their nation, it didn’t break their way this time.  While they are not nationally favored the Rockies have a real chance at this series, even with a loss for a start.

The Brewers are a powerful offensive force but the Rockies hung in there last night and held them  to a low rumble.  Milwaukee chose a ‘bullpen start’ by pitching their hotter than hot relievers for a few innings each in game one.

While it seemed to hold the Rockies offense up for that game, I think the potentially negative side-effects for the Brewers will prove it may not have been worth it.

The mystique of the relievers has been revealed now, it won’t have it’s same power when called upon again.  Further, they won the game but it had to go to extra innings and there are more games to be played and won.  The Brewers starters are not good enough to pull this off and they showed that they know it with that start.

Game two will commence on Friday, October 5, at Miller Field beginning at 4:15 P.M. EST.  Tyler Anderson will start for the Rockies.  While he has had some consistency issues lately he also has the ability to come in on Friday and totally dominate.  Hopefully, we get the latter.

The Brewers will start Jhoulys Chacin, a former Rockie.  Chacin is an adequate pitcher but he is working on a shorter rest period from his participation in the Cubs tie-breaker game than he has ever had.

The Brewers had to try too hard and rely on a home run to pull off an extra-innings win in game one.  If they had to go immediately to a bag of tricks, it seems maybe they aren’t feeling very confident.  The Rockies have played in tie-breakers and travelled all over the country playing and have the same disadvantages.

Don’t expect the bag of tricks to continue working.