Denver Broncos: RIP on 2018 Season With 30-23 Loss to Kansas City

Denver Broncos. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
Denver Broncos. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images) /

We said that Von Miller and Bradley Chubb had to win their battle.

As mentioned, Kareem Hunt managed only 50 yards on the day but that’s largely because Patrick Mahomes was going for 303 and four touchdowns (with a 125 QBR).

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Von Miller had zero tackles, three assists and half-a-sack.  Bradley Chubb had three tackles and half a sack.  You tell me who won that battle.

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around Miller, presumably the best player on the Denver team (though Phillip Lindsay may eventually have something to say about that).  One week (Seattle, Arizona) he’s comes in like a wreeeeeeeeecking ball, the next (NYJ, Ravens) he’s non-existent.

With the recent surge from Chubb, you’d think there would be danger for opponents in trying to double Von.  Further, the Denver defensive line is stout with Derek Wolfe and Domata Peko Sr. standing out.  The only non-Von excuse we can make for the boom-or-bust play we’ve seen the last two seasons is scheme.

Miller doesn’t present as the type that would criticize coaches or teammates so that will have to remain a question for the coaches to answer.  He also doesn’t seem the type to take games or even plays off.

What we’ve observed, however, is Miller being handled by single-coverage.  What we saw yesterday were a few instances where Von got close and Mahomes made plays to escape.  Not to excuse Miller and Chubb but Patrick Mahomes makes play after play.

Between John Elway and Peyton Manning, we know how that feels.  We’ve just never had to deal with it from the Chiefs but Mahomes is the real deal, his playmaking isn’t coincidental.

So, while The Cowboy and Astronaut weren’t exactly game-changers on Sunday, they still made Mahomes earn his money.  That he did is more of a testament to Mahomes than Miller or Chubb.

What about our last (and most-important) step to a Broncos win: