Denver Broncos: 3 Solutions to Save the Franchise from Ruin

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Yes, Colin Kaepernick.

Kaep can’t do anything to revive this season, it’d be incredibly hard for him to get up-to-speed enough on the Broncos offense to guide the Broncos to a winning record.  What he can do is use the bye week and the eight remaining games as an audition.

Any of the retread backup quarterbacks in the league is a gamble.  Case Keenum was a gamble, certainly any drafted quarterback, no matter what round is a gamble.  John Elway has proven a miserable talent evaluator at the position he played so well.  Often, players have a tough time with players at a position they excelled at, for whatever reason.

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Denver Broncos

It’s time for Elway to put aside whatever is preventing him from taking the easiest step and the one with the highest potential for success.

Those that claim Colin had his chance aren’t looking close enough.  Those that claim he can’t play haven’t compared his last statistical output to the quarterbacks the Broncos have shuffled through Dove Valley.

We’ve grown tired of justifying it.  Elway not signing Kaepernick while the whole organization sinks is either politically motivated or simply ego.  Neither are a good look for an organization whose reputation is on the line.

For fans, it’s time to stop being infants.  Yes, Kaepernick chooses to peacefully and quietly protest police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem.  It’s not an anthem protest, it’s not protesting soldiers and for anyone that’s been to an NFL game lately, there is plenty of America love to go around.  If you were okay with Von Miller‘s drug suspension, Aqib Talib’s weapons violation, Derek Wolfe‘s PED suspension, Matt Russell‘s drunken antics or certainly if you were put off that the Broncos released Chad Kelly on the heels of his own troubles, you have no leg to stand on with Kaepernick.

We don’t have any idea if CK can still play.  We know he’s guided a team to a Super Bowl and that alone makes any risk with his signing worth it.  We also know that Case Keenum isn’t the one.

If he can still play, a whole new world of improvement opens up for Denver.  The draft choices can either be spent on position players or traded for upgrades.  A second-rounder goes a long way on an offensive tackle, not so much on a potential starting QB.

One other benefit to bringing in Kaep and how unlikely it is he would be able to use all of Bill Musgrave‘s playbook?