Denver Broncos: 3 Matchups to Watch vs. Pittsburgh

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Denver Broncos
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Where is the ceiling for the Broncos latest #30?

Phillip Lindsay is the natural choice as a Denver native and University of Colorado alum.  Even in a transitional season like the Broncos are in, it’s important to protect the home field so we’ll call this one “Phillip Lindsay versus the forces that are trying to undermine the Broncos long-standing prowess on their home field”.

Maybe, seems wordy.

Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos

Lindsay provides so much more than a local pedigree, he’s intense on the field, he’s incredibly competitive and contrary to conventional thought and…..physics, he’s durable.  Lindsay has taken some pretty good pops from some pretty large men in his short pro career and he’s shown no ill-effects.  At some point, that becomes the norm rather than the outlier and we start to count on Lindsay as a long-term solution in the backfield.

This really isn’t to devalue Royce Freeman who is having a standout rookie season of his own.  Minus injury, Freeman has been a solid starter for Denver.

Lindsay is something special, though and the Broncos need to find a way to expand his role, maybe similar to the multiple responsibilities Tyreek Hill has in Kansas City.

Big performances get the crowd into the game and the team feeds off of the crowd.  Lindsay is capable of the biggest of plays as evidenced by his 41-yard TD romp against the Chargers.  He is already beloved in Denver and he broke out the ‘Mile High Salute’ much to the joy of the former holder of #30 in Denver, Terrell Davis.

Lindsay is ours, we share that chip on his shoulder, we embrace him as our own and all that he has to do to protect that is keep doing what he’s done so far.

If he does that, the magic of Mile High will live on.  Back on the field, there’s a marquee matchup that’s already garnered attention and deserves a mention: