Denver Broncos: 3 Moves That need to Happen Soon

Denver Broncos (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

With the Denver Broncos 20-14 loss to the lowly San Francisco 49’ers we can nearly, officially close out the 2018 Broncos season.

Sure, the Denver Broncos are still listed as “in the hunt” for a playoff berth but I don’t know that anyone truly wants to see them get worked on the road one more time this season. One thing is for certain, it’d be another opportunity for Denver boo-birds to unleash their particular brand of ignorance on the Broncos coaching staff.

Let’s clarify our position on Vance Joseph and his staff quickly; They’ve had their shortcomings this year.  Everyone involved with the Broncos save a couple of players has.  What the Denver Broncos are faced with goes so much deeper than the head coach but local fans seem to require that one focal point for their angst.

John Elway‘s actions put him squarely atop that list but Denver fans don’t want to be dissuaded from their criticism of Joseph.  Let’s be crystal clear, Bill Belichick couldn’t win with this squad.  Case Keenum, despite some recent success has proven an utter failure as the Broncos QB.  Paxton Lynch is gone, Chad Kelly was garbage, it’s gotten so comical for the Broncos at QB that the backup, Kevin Hogan has played precisely one NFL game and has thrown five interceptions.  They have also worked out banished Buffalo Bills QB Nathan Peterman.

Guys like the crew on 104.3 The Fan and Mark Kiszla like to get indignant about Joseph.  Kiszla says that if we believe Joseph should coach the Broncos beyond this season, we are delusional and should “stick to handing out orange slices and hugs in defeat.  Such lazy “reporting” from people that should know better.  The assertion, we suppose, is that the Broncos are a champion that is simply being held back by the evil that dwells within Vance Joseph‘s heart.  Sorry to let all of the experts know, this Broncos team is pretty bad, only standout players at a few key positions have kept it from utter disaster and as those players fall to injury, the Broncos fortunes fall with them.

So, what can the Broncos do?  They are once again in the limbo between a top pick and late first-round gambles.  Here’s three ideas that will make the last three games interesting and maybe give some hope for the future: