Denver Broncos: 3 Moves That need to Happen Soon

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Denver Broncos(Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Three more games.

Since Mike Shanahan was shown the door in 2008, the Denver Broncos have had five head coaches.  Five coaches in 10 years has not been ideal for the Broncos.  Some, like Gary Kubiak left voluntarily after wild success.  Others are the butt of jokes like Josh McDaniels.

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Denver Broncos

There’s a story to be told about McDaniels and his time at the helm of the Broncos but honestly, that’s a fight for another day.  Suffice to say that nothing was learned from that time.

Five coaches, upheaval at Dove Valley every two years.  Not only does that destroy stability and continuity within the organization, it makes the position far less attractive to candidates.  Rewind a year-and-a-half and remember that everyone’s current wouldacoulda guy, Kyle Shanahan wasn’t that high on the Broncos job.

Also, Shanahan is 3-10 with the Niners for anyone out there keeping score.

There’s the Harbaugh brothers, people have speculated that they could be pried from Michigan or Baltimore.  There’s Urban Meyer, who has “retired” from Ohio State University.  There’s always a list of coordinators and college coaches that promise to excite but have no such guarantee on delivery.

So the question is, what do the Broncos do if they fire Vance Joseph?

They roll the dice on another coach.  That’s all.  We should know from the VJ experience that there are no sure things.  The Broncos would do well to cast their gaze across I-25 at the Pepsi Center and the Nuggets.  Particularly Denver head coach Michael Malone.  For the past two seasons, the same “fans” that currently struggle to get by with Joseph at the helm of the Broncos have been clamoring for Malone’s ouster.

Fortunately Nuggets management isn’t swayed by public opinion, stuck with a coach on a learning curve and are currently reaping the benefits of trusting their process.

If everyone in Denver is as enamored of Elway as they appear then maybe they should trust that he has the Broncos best interests at heart with his decision-making.  He had options when he chose Joseph. Elway has a solid performance in the 2018 draft to build on, so what can he do to move the Broncos forward?